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Forward to Zion

Double Vinyl

More Life More Blessings Tour 2024

20 Jul

Colours of Ostrava, Czech

14 Sep

Hamburg, Germany

16 Sep

Stockholm, Sweden

“Oh give thanks for life, and praises to the most High




Forward to Zion Cover

Forward to Zion

Root Down Deep

Root Down Deep

The Dance and the Wonder

The Dance & The Wonder

Grace - Sam Garrett


Root Down Deep

Be Easy

Sam garrett - Namaste


This is Sam Garrett phone

This is

Sam Garrett

Sam Garrett is a singer/songwriter whose music serves as a doorway to his journey through life. With a soulful resonance that transcends boundaries, Sam’s music uplifts, enlivens and inspires the hearts and souls of people all over the world.

This is Sam Garrett

Open up your eyes and raise your hands,

today it is the day to dance your dance

“From the same source we come and we all must return,

step into the fire but you won’t get burned

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